Cellphone blended artfully into road image

Turn Off Texting Program Now Scheduling

Turn Off Texting is a free, hands-on distracted driving safety demonstration that visits high schools across Vermont. We’re now scheduling presentations through September.

To Vermont’s Driver Educators:

The feeling of writing this note matches the spirit of this very sunny day — The Youth Safety Council’s Turn Off Texting presentations are available again to visit schools, and we are delighted to be back in service to Vermont’s youngest drivers!

The free program is now scheduling, ready to bring our mobile classroom and advanced driving simulator to your campus. Up to twelve students per hour can have a first-hand experience with the dangers of distracted driving in the safety of the simulator, and our presenter is able to stay through the school day to ensure all of your students have the opportunity to participate. To schedule a September TOT visit, please visit https://www.yscvt.org/request-a-tot-demo/ or email director@yscvt.org. We’ll look forward to making it happen.

Visit YSCVT.org for more information about this program, which is free to Vermont’s schools thanks to an educational grant from the Vermont State Highway Safety Office and sponsors like AT&T, the Vermont Insurance Agents Association, and the Vermont Association of Domestic Property & Casualty Insurance Companies. The simulator is made possible in collaboration with My Decision Driving.

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels.