YSCVT During the Pandemic: You Are In Our Thoughts

The pandemic experience has challenged all of us and brought tragedy to many families in Vermont; our hearts are with you as we face this crisis together. 

When schools were closed and the public was asked to ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ by Governor Scott, the Youth Safety Council of Vermont canceled its spring 2020 Turn Off Texting programming. We are thinking deeply about how to bring the benefits of safety education to young drivers during this time of physical distancing practices. Like you, we are hopeful that the world will safely return to comfortable normalcy, but are determined to adhere to practices that serve the public health as a priority in the meantime. 

If schools open for the autumn and appropriate public health practices can be implemented, the Council will seek to return Turn Off Texting programming to high school campuses across the state. We have a lot of catching-up to do, with nearly a generation of young Vermont drivers yet to participate in the hands-on experience of Turn Off Texting, an important highlight of their driving education.

Please know that the staff and board of the Youth Safety Council send the warmest, positive energy to you and your loved ones and wish health and wellbeing to you all. We hope to see you again in person, soon.

Photo courtesy Marcos Miranda.