Award Winners with the Governor

PSA Video Contest for Vermont High School Students: The Dangers of Distracted Driving

The Vermont Highway Safety Alliance is proud to announce an award contest for Vermont high school students designed to change driving habits with original student-made public service announcement videos!

We all know texting distracts us, and that use of a handheld device while driving is dangerous. Despite this we see people on the roads texting and driving every day. As an applicant you have one clear mission: Create a PSA using your smart phone (or other video recorder) to encourage young drivers, friends, and peers, to avoid distracted driving, specifically texting while driving. Over time we can enact change and spread the message that texting and driving is unacceptable. Too many lives have been lost due to distracted drivers. The Vermont Highway Safety Alliance is asking you to help change this behavior.

The mission of the contest: Create a 25 second Video Public Service Announcement!

For the video, use your creativity and express your opinion on the issue of distracted driving. You can video yourself, a group of people, make a cartoon, or compose a graphic. We encourage you to capture the attention of your peers with a clear message and persuade them to adopt safe driving habits. We do require that the PSA is in good taste, and that you do not film yourself or anyone else actually texting while driving. Abide by all state laws.

For more information:

Video Contest Prize amounts:

1ST Prize: $750

2ND Prize: $500

3RD Prize: $250

People’s Choice Award – Amount to be announced

The winning PSA’s will be distributed in Vermont to media outlets and social media sites by the Vermont Highway Safety Alliance after the winners are notified.

Here’s an entry from last year’s contest: